Welcome Address:
Wolfgang Herzog (Heidelberg)

Section I

Phenomenological and Existential Dimensions of Intercorporeality
10:15Lanei Rodemeyer (Pittsburgh)
Time, the Body, and the Other
11:00Dan Zahavi (Copenhagen)
Embodied Communities
11:45Coffee Break
12:15Hanne De Jaegher (San Sebastián, Basque Country)
Loving and Knowing
14:30Matthew Ratcliffe (Vienna)
Grief and Intersubjectivity
Parallel Sessions Section AParallel Sessions Section B
15:151) Alan Koster (Aalborg)
Longing for concreteness and the importance of embodying the Other: the case of grief
3) Corinna Reck (Munich)
Early Mother-Infant-Interaction and Embodiment
2) Shogo Tanaka (Tokai, Japan)
Body, Self-Reflection, and Otherness
4) Sabine Koch (Alfter / Heidelberg)
The Body and its Dimensions: Space, Time, Gravity and Attachment
16:00Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions Section AParallel Sessions Section B
16:305) Rainer Holm-Hadulla (Heidelberg)
Constructive and destructive embodiment in pop-culture
7) Christoph Durt (Vienna)
Intersubjectivity, Cognition, and the Lifeworld
6) Martin Dornberg (Freiburg)
Extended Body extended healing
8) José Ignacio Murillo Gómez
Growth as a key to understanding organic and psychic life

Section II

Temporality, Interaction and Disorders
17:15Shaun Gallagher (Memphis)
Intrinsic temporality in depression


Old Lecture Hall
19:00Otto Dörr (Santiago de Chile)
Zwei extreme Formen leiblicher Störungen: Stupor und nihilistische Syndrome
20:00Bel Etage: Formal Reception

09:00Ezequiel Di Paolo (San Sebastián, Basque Country)
From Sensorimotor Agency to Linguistic Bodies: An Enactive Roadmap
09:45Tom Froese (Mexico City)
Integrating Phenomenology and Systems Theory: Time and the Other in Schizophrenia as a Case Study
10:30Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions Section AParallel Sessions Section B
11:009) Laura Galbusera (Berlin) Embodied Intersubjectivity in Psychotherapy for Schizophrenia11) Philipp Schmidt (Vienna)
Affect, Dysregulation, and Identity Disturbances. The Body in Borderline Personality Disorder
11:2010) Mauro Pallagrosi (Rom)
Intersubjectivity in the Diagnostic Process in Psychiatry
12) Makoto Wada (Osaka)
In the psychotherapeutic encounter, understanding, and empathy for a cancer patient fearing death – From the perspective of the henomenology of intersubjectivity and “Gestaltkreis” (circle of form) by Viktor von Weizsäcker
Parallel Sessions Section AParallel Sessions Section B
11:4513) Sonja Frohoff (Heidelberg)
Time, body and the other in Katharina Detzels puppet from the Prinzhorn Collection
15) Stefan Kristensen (Geneva)
Dual Aspectivity in psychoanalytical psychosomatics“
12:1014) Leonor Irarrázaval (Santiago de Chile)
Human vulnerability and the ethical other
16) Daniel Vespermann (Heidelberg)
Intentionality (and Rationality) of Affective Atmospheres
14:30Nathalie Depraz (Paris)
Micro-Phenomenology of Chronicity in Psycho-Somatic Diseases (Diabetes, Anorexia, Schizophrenia)

Section III

Phenomenological and Embodied Approaches to Psychopathology
15:15Louis Sass (New York)
Body and Soul: Reflections on an Indigenous Nosology of Mental Disorders
16:00Coffee Break
16:30Dorothée Legrand (Paris)
The body: Another. Phenomenological and Psychoanalytic perspectives
Related Topics on Thomas Fuchs´ Works
Chair: Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl (Graz)
17:15Stefano Micali, Leuven
Phenomenology of Ego-Splitting
17:50Thiemo Breyer, Köln
Empathy and Imagination
19:30Prinz Carl Palais: Conference Dinner

09:00Peter Henningsen (München)
Bodily Distress, Embodied Mentalization and the Predictive Brain
Body, Self and Psychopathology
Related Topics on Thomas Fuchs´ Works
Chair: Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl (Graz)
9:45Sanneke De Haan (Berlin / Amsterdam)
Relational authenticity in psychiatry
10:20Michela Summa (Würzburg / Kassel)
Phenomenology of body memory: Its relevance for the inquiry
into self-experience, social experience and their disturbances
10:55 Coffee Break
11:30Zeno Van Duppen (Mechelen)
Time and schizophrenia: a phenomenological approach
12:05Giovanni Stanghellini (Chieti / Florence)
Body, Self and Identity in Persons with Eating Disorders. A Sartrean Perspective